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Sala del Cane was established over 60 years ago by Luigi Paro, is a family run business, we absolutely love our job and will always make sure your little friends come first. We only supply products that we would be happy using on our own pets and thank to our know-how we can provide you expert in-store advice.

We are located in the center of Milan, Italy and our shop is one of the biggest & oldest family run pet shop in town, and we are listed within the “Milan Historical Shops”.

We’ve been working for the two main tv broadcasters: Rai (Italian national broadcaster) and Mediaset (Berlusconi channels) and supplying animals for moovies. Our most famous pet was our beloved parrot Portobello, known all over Italy, who was very famous as people could win money by making him say “Portobello”. We are the founders of “Europan” a famous expo event created for outside-trades people.
You can see some historical pictures here: click here
and learn more about Portobello: Click here


  • We take care of dogs, cats, parrots/flying animals, rodents, fishes and turtles.

We supply:

  • food and accessories
  • we sell beautiful puppies (cat, dogs, fishes, turtles, rodents, birds) hold & cuddled with love and kept in suitable spaces
  • we have an historical grooming saloon with 60 years of expertise
  • “Pet Boutique area” for the ones that need even more for their little friends.

In fact, if you are looking for something more than main commercial brands you can take a look into our “PET Boutique AREA” where you may find  uncommon or sophisticated brands  (such as Unconventional Dog, Charlotte’s dress and Koru vintage leather) to give your little friend even more than the best.



To look into the galleries click on the link at the bottom of the products list (mind that the galleries are just to give you an idea, in the store you will find a lot more!!!)

  • Traditional food, cat grass & special food (such as senior, kitten, diet and vetetarian)
  • Pet Boutique leather collars & leads; Charlotte's Dress wool coats some with real Swarowski, Unconventional Dog raincoats and more; 100% natural food and more (hamburgers, biscuits, snacks, dog sparkling wine/Champagne and Pandoro/Panettone famous Italian Christmas desserts)
  • Treats & chews
  • Bedding (blankets, throws, mattresses and Pet Boutique bedding with great, beautiful and super soft linings)
  • Collars, leads & harnesses (pettorina)
  • Coats & raincoats, earmuffs, dog shoes
  • Bowls of all sorts including Slow feed bowls designed to prevent gulping, automatic feeders and weight scale bowls
  • Litters, litter trays, liners, scoops, paws cat litter mat and Litter Box Enclosure
  • Fences, cages (up to the biggest sizes and suitable for airplaines)
  • Accessories for the outdoor (dog safety lights, running with your dog, water bottles/foldable)
  • Grooming accessories (brushes, shampoo & Conditioner, Cleaning wipes, dental Health, Nail clippers, Pet Boutique French Perfumes, Pet Boutique Eye Envy to whiten the eye contour)
  • Health (Flea & Tick, supplements….Skin & coat protectors, stress & anxiety)
  • Toys to play or develop their intelligence
  • Summer specials (cooling beds, floating toys, floating vests for boats, )
  • Rodents (food, accessories, toys and cages)
  • Birds (food, accessories, toys, cages and free birds houses)
  • Turtles (food, accessories, toys and turtle aquariums)
  • Fishes (food, accessories, toys and aquariums)


To see the accessories galleries click here



Following the links you will find the list of our main food manufactures


MONDAY 15.00 - 19.00


9.00 - 13.00 e 14.30 - 19.30

Closed on Sunday

Grooming service Seby Dog receives preferably on appointment.

We do accept credit card and Stispay payments

We deliver for free in the neighborhood

We speak english


SALA DEL CANE via Niccolini 2, Milan, Italy
(neighborhoods: Sarpi - Sempione - Canonica - Arena)
Telephone: +39 02 33603951
E-mail: Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.

You can easily walk from Arco della Pace, Moscova - Corso Como - corso Garibaldi.

Pubblic transports: Closest underground station is Moscova (green line) o Monumentale (lilac line), tram stops lines: 1 - 2 - 4 - 10 - 12 - 14, o bus: 43 - 57 - 94

By car: the access is free we are NOT in forrbiden areas as AreaC o ZTL (cameras are exclusively for vans: cars are always allowed)
To gain directions, insert your origin adrress under the map.

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